Why are we disappointed in others

Why are we disappointed in others

How much of our waking day and (possibly night if you are an insomniac like me) do we worry, get irritated, frustrated and angry about what others have or maybe have not done to or for us?

How does it affect our health and general well being?

Most of us never consciously take the time to take a step back and check just how much of an effect this type of thinking has on our well being

So let me ask you to to take some time out of your busy lives to gain some clarity and free up some mental RAM

Ok this really is easy

Step 1 : list down all the things you are currently worried, irritated, frustrated or angry about.

Step 2 : Against each item on a scale of 1-10 rate how much time you spend thinking
! about this in a typical week (1 – little of no time, 10 its constant there in my mind)

Step 3 : Against each item on a scale of 1-10 rate how worried, irritated, frustrated or ! angry it make you feel (1 – l’m ok with it, 10 its presses all the wrong buttons)

Step 4: Against each item write the total you of the scores you wrote down in in step 2 & 3

Ok time for the fun bit

Review your list and notice your reaction to the ideas and figures you wrote down?

Where you sad, did the feelings ” whell up” inside of you? Maybe you on extreme levels cried when you reflected back on such moments…….

It should also be easy to see which items are causing you the biggest upset and stealing your precious energy and time ……..

But the headline of this article is “why are we disappointed in others?” and at its core it suggests on thing that all these emotions happen to us as a result of others disappointing us?

Well its time to wake up ……….

You are the one in full control of your emotions, its your responsibility, and you choose the emotions you experience whether consciously or unconsciously …. period.

Its time to make a conscious decision to “take ownership back of our emotions”

Our disappointments are due to our own frustrations of where, who and why we are. In life with all the baggage (or another word maybe experiences to make us better people with more wisdom)

Our personal lives reflect this don’t they?

When we take ownership and realise that our disappointments are our own, then and only then will we be able to move on and our health, well being will improve. Our relationships with others will improve. We will stop the blame game and take responsibility of our choices.

So go back and review the list you made earlier

Now the find the 3 items with the highest score and conscious work on them ………. until they no longer steal your time or energy

Then and only then ………. make you way down the list and don’t stop until your done

When I did this first it had an immediate impact on my life and work and opened up a whole realm of possibilities and fun and peace and love.

I would love to hear your experiences with this exercise

I hope it serves you well … until next time

Les Symons