Investment Property

Whether you are a first-time-buyer, downsizing or a growing family, we have partnered with Woodacre Homes – in Newcastle who offer a full range of property services that make selling and buying your home simple and worry free.

You might ask, why Newcastle – North East of UK…

  • The North East offers a refreshing balance between affordability and potential returns on investment. And you won’t have to break the bank to get your foot in the door. For example, according to the August 2023  Zoopla house price index average, property prices in London are £542,400, and in Newcastle, they are £152,100. 
  • The North East also offers a unique property landscape compared to other regions in the UK. This diversity allows you to spread your investments and mitigate risk, all while enjoying those higher yields.
  • Cultural Vibrancy – One might think property investment is all about numbers, but the cultural scene matters, too. Newcastle brims with arts and culture, from theatres to music venues and galleries. This cultural vibrancy adds to the city’s overall attractiveness for property investment in the North East, drawing in a wide range of residents and tourists.
  • Our founder Les is from Newcastle! 🙂

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