Why LSM? 

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Who are LSM?

LSM is a client centric, independent financial advisory and coaching company, but with a very unique approach. So much so that our clients are often referred from large organisations such as the UN, World Bank, European Union, Save the Children and Red Cross to name but a few.

We help these expatriate executives develop and implement holistic lifestyle plans for themselves, their families and their legacies. This is irrespective of whether you are an expat or a national. Cultures may differ, but we all share the same needs and aspirations.

We have empowered over 25 nationalities in 30 countries worldwide to successfully plan their futures.


We offer a bespoke service just for you – you are not a number, you will always speak to someone who knows you.


We are regulated under the Capital Market Authority. Licence Number 054. Under the CAP 485A Of the Laws of Kenya.

Services We Provide

Covered in these areas:

Lifestyle Planning

A unique approach to meet the individual needs for our clients and using your objectives to help you achieve your lifetime goals.

Wealth Design

Wealth design is unique to LSM and we are incredibly proud of it. We specialise in helping sophisticated clients consolidate, protect and grow their asset base.

Investment Advisory

Providing insight-driven transformation to investment banking, wealth and asset managers, exchanges, and clearing houses.

Corporate Services

Tailoring our clients’ range of financial needs that are somewhat more sophisticated than normal towards their businesses.

In summary, Working with LSM

  • Regulated by the CMA Since 2009 and we have written testimonials going back before 2010 and the majority are on organisational letterhead to give authenticity.
  • Terms of business with twenty institutions who have completed due diligence and vetting on us. Currently, we work with financial institutions (Life Companies), platforms, Discretionary Fund Managers, Fund Managers, Insurance Companies and offshore banks.
  • Access to over 560 funds (this is for the combined regular savings plans) and over 8,000 funds for lump sum plans through portfolio bonds or platforms as they are open architectures.
  • Institutions are based in several parts of the world like the Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Mauritius, etc with access to many funds/opportunities. This also provides the opportunity of the minimalization of tax.
  • Total Asset Under Administration for the institutions are approximately $405,646,910,000 ($405.647 billion).
  • Legacy planning structures; we can assist in trust both local and international trusts.

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