Les Symons

Born in the UK. Early in my career, I developed a passion for self–development; communication skills, and financial management. After working in various areas of these topics for 12 years I then decided to move from the UK, to work internationally in the world of Finance and Investments.

I set up Lifestyle Management in 2000 due to the concept of “Lifestyle Planning” which is a holistic approach incorporating not only finance but coaching counseling skills, I found my services were required in many countries.

Over the last 37 years, I have worked in 32 countries learning various cultural values and an understanding of individual perceptions of finance and Lifestyle needs. Due to the opportunity, I have had to interact with cultures, and currently have over 25 different nationalities of clients.

I am now a resident of Kenya, having arrived initially in Nairobi 20 years ago.

My clients cover all areas of expertise and are both local and international individuals, families, and businesses.