Wealth Design

When you stop and think about it, the most useful things in your life are a product of deliberate design.

Your car, mobile phone, house, kids’ bikes, holidays – all are created on purpose with an end in sight.

Wealth Design simply applies the same careful, considered, objective-driven approach to your life, legacy, and financial wellbeing.

The service is aimed more at the client that has already accumulated reasonable assets, or that is now in a position to begin doing so in a structured and disciplined manner.

If you hold $500,000 of net asset value across your various investments – then this is the service for you. Many people accumulate cash with no real plan of action – we often see a disparate, disorganised collection of assets.

You would expect the builders of your car or mobile phone to carefully craft a first class solution to your needs.

Surely you, your loved ones, and your legacy deserve at least the same attention and care?

Wealth Design looks in detail at your needs and desires. By analysing and prioritising them, in conjunction with your budget and timeline, we can help you truly take control of your and your family’s future.

We have a decades-long history of creating legacies and of generational wealth planning.

Sophisticated tools and solutions for sophisticated people – because an off the shelf approach does not work with real family wealth.

We understand that people that have accumulated reasonable assets have different requirements to those starting out on life’s path.

Your needs and aspirations will generally be more defined, your situation perhaps a little more complicated – or sophisticated, depending upon how one views it.

The problems may take different forms. Things such as legacy planning, generational or succession planning issues. Or offshore education planning.

Wealth Design is unique to LSM and we are incredibly proud of it. We are specialists in helping sophisticated clients consolidate, protect, and grow their asset base.

We have cutting edge technology and tools at our fingertips that help YOU gain total clarity on your present situation, and from there assess and implement fine-tuning to ensure you reach your objectives when you want to. It is a truly collaborative process, within which you will see your financial status coupled with your dreams as never before. They will become tangible and achievable – rather than just “maybe, if”.

Imagine the peace of mind you will have knowing your loved ones are protected and your future lifestyle is within your grasp.

Knowing the future with absolute certainty is not possible. But you can plan and remove risks and stress by taking control of it.

Wealth Design is not about you being forced to crunch endless numbers. It is about showing you real-life scenarios you can consider, understand, and embrace.

Speak to us, you will find it a liberating experience.