Lifestyle plan

What is it exactly? Well, it is two things combined really, but in a very clever fashion.

The first part is a process whereby your key objectives and aspirations are set out in a clear, accessible manner that you can see, feel and understand the things that are important to you.

Things such as a dream purchase, whether a house, a second home, offshore education – who knows? The answer is – you should know, and unless you seriously consider such things, they become infinitely harder to achieve.

The second part is the easy part – which is putting in place the necessary arrangements to get you where you want to be, when you want to be there.

This may include some carefully considered investment decisions, school fees planning, or even legacy planning.

Or, it might include some personal development and coaching to help you reach the next level, or promotion at work – which will help fund the investments – and so it goes. Holistic and built around you.

No two Lifestyle plans are the same. You are unique and so should your plan be.

In a nutshell lifestyle Planning is a holistic and comprehensive approach to your life that removes stress and uncertainty.

The money is just a means to an end – what matters is you, your loved ones, and your advancement towards your dreams.