Who are Lifestyle Management?

LSM is a client-centric, independent financial advisory and coaching company, but with a very unique approach so much so that our clients are often referred from large organizations such as the UN, World Bank, European Union, Save the Children, and Red Cross to name but a few.

We help these expatriate executives develop and implement holistic lifestyle plans for themselves, their families, and their legacies.

Life is uncertain and unpredictable, but our holistic structured approach to lifestyle planning is designed to ensure that you are always certain you not only know where you are today but also where you are going for the future. 

  • Trusted Wealth Management professionals
  • Regulated under the Capital Markets Authority
  • Goal-based Lifestyle Planning
  • A+ recommendations from reputable clients

Unlike a financial planner or investment advisor, our role is seen as lifestyle planners in that we help clients achieve their lifetime goals, rather than simply achieving an investment return.

LSM provides a comprehensive lifestyle planning approach that is holistic and is designed to meet the needs of you, our Client. This approach focuses less on short-term investment returns and more on understanding your lifetime goals.

Part of our role is to encourage you to understand and define what they really want from life over the medium to long term and how they will expect to live.

Our view is that the onus is clearly on us to help you define, feel and visualize what you want out of your life as a result of taking a strategic and logical approach to planning.

LSM has turned the traditional advice process on its head to reflect the Client’s world view by first asking how they would like to be living in the future, specifically, and then, what financial strategy would they need to adopt to get there reliably. We take the responsibility to encourage you to stick to a clearly agreed strategy that has built-in flexibility and will get you to your life goals at an acceptable level of risk.

We act as a guide on this financial journey, with comprehensive lifestyle planning being the important first stage. Seeing the goal that you work towards is at least equally important as the investment performance numbers each month or each year.

As a lifestyle strategist, our challenge is to keep you focused on the end goal – the happiest lifestyle possible.

What if there was a company who could help you achieve your lifestyle goals and dreams?

Mission and Values

At LSM, we specialise in making lifestyle dreams and financial freedom a reality for our clients. We work closely with you to clarify and refine your goals and future lifestyle plans. We then evaluate your current position and resources in order to develop a strategy and structured approach that will allow you to reach your goals and dreams quicker than you may have thought possible. By combining lifestyle and traditional financial planning, we help people achieve lifetime goals rather than simply achieving an “investment return”. This unique approach is designed to meet the individual needs of our clients by focusing less on short-term returns and more on understanding your long-term objectives and working to help you achieve your lifetime goals.

What if you could eliminate the stress & worry of Lifestyle & Financial Planning?

Like most international professionals, your time is probably consumed with the immediate demands of your work and what is going on with your life right now. With your time at a premium, it’s all too easy to put off planning for your future. Each time you delay taking action, you let stress, worry and uncertainty begin to slowly reduce your forward momentum towards that brighter future you desire. Since 2000, Lifestyle Management has gained an outstanding reputation as a trusted counsel to our clients — empowering them to overcome many of the obstacles that held them back financially and allowing them to reach the lifestyle they desire more quickly than they had thought possible. Our team of dedicated, independent lifestyle and financial professionals have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help make your dreams a reality.

Imagine how your life would change today, knowing financial freedom was a certainty?

True freedom comes when you know with absolute certainty that you are on the right path and are empowered to recognise and take the necessary actions, when you need to take them. Life is uncertain and unpredictable, but our holistic structured approach to lifestyle planning is designed to ensure that you are always certain you not only know where you are today but also where you are going for the future — and that you understand how to get there. At LSM our job is simple. We take the mystery out of choosing the right path to your financial certainty, leaving you free to live your life more fully and without worry.