Les Symons

Born in the UK. Early in my career, I developed a passion for self–development; communication skills, and financial management. After working in various areas of these topics for 12 years I then decided to move from the UK, to work internationally in the world of Finance and Investments. I set up Lifestyle Management in 2000 due to the concept of “Lifestyle Planning” which is a holistic approach incorporating not only finance but coaching counselling skills, I found my services were required in many countries. Over the last 37 years, I have worked in 32 countries learning various cultural values and an understanding of individual perceptions of finance and Lifestyle needs. Due to the opportunity, I have had to interact with cultures, and currently have over 25 different nationalities of clients. I am now a resident of Kenya, having arrived initially in Nairobi 20 years ago. My clients cover all areas …

Jim Quinn

I have been in financial services for over thirty years, many of these offshore and in multiple cultures and regions. This offshore time has been split between the retail and institutional sectors, the combined experience giving me a thorough understanding of various business cultures and how to deal with all levels of a corporate structure. Within LSM Group (LSM), my primary role is the development and management of professional relationships at a B2B level, on a global basis, but with an Africa focus initially. In a rapidly changing business world, LSM has seamlessly established itself as the primary provider of sophisticated, holistic planning services. By adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, and utilizing advanced mentoring and coaching skills, LSM integrates with other professional service providers such as lawyers, accountants, and business owners. This unique blend of collaborative work coupled with mentoring and personal development offers LSM’s clients an exceptional understanding and control …

Diana Koki

Diana has over 7 years of experience in Marketing and Administration, having studied Bachelors in Commerce; Marketing Major, and a student member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments. She possesses excellent client-facing and configuration skills and is highly successful in helping define company direction, achieving goals, and optimizing business. As a General Manager, she has been with Lifestyle Management for 5 years and is responsible for the successful and efficient running of the Kenya office which also serves as the main administrative hub for the company. She manages the expectations of the clients and also ensures that they are kept constantly updated. Apart from her role at the company, she is a full-time mum to her son. When she isn’t working, you’ll find her traveling, socializing, and cooking

Jackline Waweru

Jackline has over 15 years of multifaceted experience in Compliance matters, Administration, Customer service, and Operations management with financial advisory multinational companies in Kenya and the Middle East. She has a degree in International Business Administration; IT Major and is a student member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments. Jackline has been with Lifestyle management for 6 years handling the long track record of evaluating compliance issues within the organization and then taking appropriate action to improve operational performance. A mother of 3, who is able to manage a corporate world and a home. She loves traveling, cooking, and baking.

Joyce Oliwa

Joyce has been in the service and financial industry for over five years with more focus on understanding the financial markets in relation to offshore investments and understanding the regulatory regime in relation to funds formed in the respective jurisdictions. She has been with Lifestyle Management for 3 years and is fuelled by passion and interest in current affairs and an appreciation of their impact on the markets. Currently, she is a student member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments. She considers herself a ‘forever student’ eager to stay up to date with market developments, new investment products, and all other arrears that affect the market. She believes that mindfulness is key to success – a principle she lives out through her interests in traveling, hiking, and meditation.