Lifestyle Management for many years have conducted seminars at various International Schools throughout East Africa. With the main topic “How can parents establish funding for their child’s University”, it has given us the opportunity to explain the more holistic and bigger picture of Lifestyle planning.

The response we have had from the owners and Principals of the schools have always been extremely positive.

The following are simply snippets of parents feedback given regarding the question………

“Tell us your views on this evenings seminar?”


Explore options for overseas studies, financing and planning.


It puts focus on important issues that get over looked.


It gave me awareness about what to expect in 11-12 years. To also starting getting aware about
the challenge of International education for my 3 children financially and any other aspect.


Gave me something to think about and some reasons to act ASAP. To also gain insight on how I
can plan better for my kids’ education.


Amazed at the cost and wish I had planned earlier!


  You never consider the real costs… enlightened by the presentation thank you


Very informative


Here to see how to plan for my children so that they can get as many options as possible out
there and to be able to plan, manage and get advice on funds.

Life has unique surprises. This is great and hope to engage your company further on
management of resources meant for education at family level.

More information and financial planning options for our sons aged 15 and 12 years.


University fees – where and what works.

Good advice – Get options for financial planning for university education

Gave me a clear picture of what to expect and also what I need to start doing. Looking at the
bigger picture. To also find out what options are available in the market for my kids’ education