Life Coaching


I have been lucky enough for so many years to have travelled the world gaining experience in all sorts of cultures and relationships as mentioned in my biography. Now I feel it is time to give back my knowledge and learnings, perhaps a little wisdom too, for those who may not afford such training or education, possibly those who need it the most!

WHY? Because I Can!


For NGO’s:- I can help you present to a group/committee better, improve staff confidence and motivation, which in turn will improve awareness and understanding of potential donors.
For schools:- I can help students with their interpersonal skills and their understanding of the concept of emotional intelligence, help them deal with anxiety around exams, and offer career support and guidance.


Through presentations and a variety of workshops, as well as one-on-one sessions, I will bring out the best in your students, your staff, even YOURSELF.

I will share my knowledge and expertise, training, and experience and give positive direction for improved confidence, motivation, and success.


You had someone with the experience I have in your team for just an hour, a week or on a regular basis, giving valuable insight and training to your students or your teams?

Your students were more confident and less anxious which improved their grades?

Do you feel that personal or family coaching would be helpful?

LSM Coach can assist in the growth of any given individual to maximize their potential and realize they can be successful in anything they wish. To accept they do not have to conform to social and peer pressures and that no matter who they think they are they are much more. To know that they have one life presently to live and not to waste a moment of it. To embrace and experience the wonders of the world beyond their present expectations. To know they do not have any restrictions or limits other than what they impose on themselves.

Do you own your own business and need help with Management or staff issues?

LSM Coach delivers soft skills training and coaching to your employees, which will ultimately help them improve their performance and increase their contribution towards the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your business. An increase in skills levels will translate into higher productivity and prosperity for organizations and ultimately, the economy.

CSR:- Free coaching to students at all English-speaking schools or to local NGOs which cover many subjects.

Some examples of the regularly requested training topics are…

“What is success “

“Communication skills”

“Emotional intelligence”

“Values elicitation”

“Cause and effect”