Jim Quinn

Jim Quinn

I have been in financial services for over thirty years, many of these offshore and in multiple cultures and regions. This offshore time has been split between the retail and institutional sectors, the combined experience giving me a thorough understanding of various business cultures and how to deal with all levels of a corporate structure.

Within LSM Group (LSM), my primary role is the development and management of professional relationships at a B2B level, on a global basis, but with an Africa focus initially.

In a rapidly changing business world, LSM has seamlessly established itself as the primary provider of sophisticated, holistic planning services.

By adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, and utilizing advanced mentoring and coaching skills, LSM integrates with other professional service providers such as lawyers, accountants, and business owners.

This unique blend of collaborative work coupled with mentoring and personal development offers LSM’s clients an exceptional understanding and control of their life’s journey.